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Keller Funner for Breast Augmentation: Plastic Surgery's Breakthrough

Breat Augmentation Keller Funnel Miami

In 2009, breast augmentation saw its latest technological advance when the Keller Funnel method was introduced. This technique has completely changed and refined the art of breast augmentation and the next generation of this surgical procedure.

The Keller Funnel is a clear, cone shaped tool that provides doctors with more manageability and ease to deliver breast implants safely into the breast during surgery without the doctor physically touching the implant with his/her hand. This allows very little room for bacterial contamination or buildup on the implant surface. Due to the fact that the tool is clear, it allows surgeons to easily visualize and position the implant correctly before inserting it into the breast. The inside of the cone shaped device is covered with a hydrophilic substance creating a slippery, low friction interface between the funnel and the implant, allowing it to pass easily and gently into the breast.

As a matter of fact, it is because of this hydrophilic coating that the Keller Funnel reduces insertion force by an amazing 95+% because of the lack of friction between the funnel and the implant.

This is beneficial to the patient, the surgeon, and the implant because it reduces not only the force needed to insert the implant into the breast, but also the physical stress caused by this force along with better hygiene standards. As a matter of fact, over 97% of surgeons find it easier and hygienically benefiting to deliver silicone gel implants with the Keller Funnel as opposed to without it.

At Sunrise Plastic Surgery, we agree with advances that provide easier, healthier, and economically sound service and surgeries to both our patients and doctors. The Keller Funnel is truly one of those revolutionary devices that have really made an outstanding rise in the plastic surgery industry and we are proud to use it at our facility. This allows our patients to heal quickly due to less stress to the breast during insertion and also allows our surgeons to provide better service, as they are able to enjoy what they dedicated their lives to do.

Benefits from the Keller Funnel technique in a breast augmentation procedure.

Keller Funnel Miami

Shorter Incision Lengths:

The Keller Funnel allows for shorter incisions in the breast. Since silicone breast implants are all prefilled, the larger the implant, the larger the incision needs to be. This device allows the implant to be inserted through a smaller incision than would be possible without, simply because its cone shape allows the implant to be squeezed entirely to a smaller dimension into the pocket under the breast where the implant is supposed to be placed.

No-Touch Technique:

A breast implant is pre-packaged meaning that with the assistance of another person, the implant should never touch latex or the hands of the doctor. The implant should go directly from its packaging into the funnel itself, and from there into the pocket made for it beneath the breast tissue.

Shorter Operating Time:

The Keller Funnel allows doctors to cut down not only on finger fatigue by an outstanding 86% but also allows surgeons to stay on top of medical quality and state of the art advances without compromising surgical methodology or through a grand inframammary approach. Plastic surgeons are leaders in the technology movement and this technique cuts down an incredible 10-20 minutes of surgery time as well as reduces complications. This tool also allows the patient to rid the need of being under anesthesia for as long. This can also lead to less chances of risk in the long run of the surgery.

In conclusion, the Keller Funnel is the latest advance in Breast augmentation. This tool has completely revolutionized the plastic surgery industry by reducing risk, surgery time and over all stress to both patient and surgeon. The funnel has indefinitely been the only innovative tool used by plastic surgeons that has been able to fulfill the need of providing benefits to both the doctor and patient going under the knife. At Sunrise Plastic Surgery, we believe that this tool is so ingenious that it has become absolutely necessary for our doctors to perform faster, safer and satisfying results to our patients, all while cutting down the risks of contamination and complication by a grandiose percentage.

Which surgeons will this procedure at Sunrise Plastic Surgery?

At Broward, are all highly experienced and advanced surgeons that will be performing this surgical procedure at our center. They are all board certified professionals that belong to numerous respected and accredited organizations in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery and have acquired an abundance of experience through countless amounts of successful procedures.

    Credentials from some of the Top Plastic Surgeons in Florida

    Our medical team here at Sunrise Plastic Surgery has impeccable credibility, astounding credentials, and the highest success rates. At Sunrise Plastic Surgery, we have built our team with some of Florida’s most trusted plastic and reconstructive surgeons offering medical care to their patients at the highest quality care standards. Many of our doctors belong to a great variety of professional and scientific societies along with many published scientific articles.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Keller Funnel Miami Procedure

    Once the anesthesia has kicked in, the surgeon will make the incision and form a pocket behind each breast and then insert the implant. Once the doctor has ensured proper placement and symmetry, the incision will be sealed with stitches.

    Although time may vary from patient to patient, the average surgery time for this procedure is between one to two hours.

    The majority of patients are able to return to work after a few days but more strenuous activities should be avoided until full recovery.

    Yes, as of now there is no evidence that show that breast implants cause severe harm or disease to the body. There are possible risks for this procedure which are present for every type of surgical procedure.

    As long as the patient is in good physical health age is not a problem.

    Although it is rare, stretch marks can occur. If you aware that your body develops stretch marks easily, you should consider going for a smaller implant size.