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Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery

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Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery

Renee Zellweger is known for her great acting ability, but almost two weeks ago that all changed when she stepped out to attend the Elle’s Women in Hollywood awards ceremony. She definitely took the red carpet by surprise when everyone saw her new look, which had nothing to do with her clothing attire or accessories. Media outlets and photographers saw that Ms. Zellweger’s face was different, and many began to speculate that she had had plastic surgery done. Immediately some people were defending Renee for making her own personal decision to have the reconstruction surgery done; citing that it was her face, and her choice. However, many people begin to slam Ms. Zellweger for the choice she had made; those who opposed Renee’s choice stated that she was sending a bad message to the young girls who idolized her.

Some people believe that Renee was unrecognizable when she stepped onto the red carpet for the night. While she walked down the carpet with a smile on her face, many thought that Ms. Zellweger looked drastically different; people even referred to her face as extremely puffy. The procedure that Renee may have had done is known as Blepharoplasty. It is done to open a person’s eyes and face. People who have this surgery done typically have bags under their eyes, droopy lower eyelids, and excess skin on their lower eyelids. While some individuals have this surgery done because of medical reasons, that number is rather low. Many do it so that they can look younger. This surgery is also done in conjunction with other facial surgeries, such as brow-lifting.

Ms. Zellweger was labeled as the “It Girl” in Hollywood after her breakout role in the highly-successful film, Jerry McGuire. People were stating that she was going to take the industry over. With those types of predictions, it is typically hard for a young actress to concentrate, knowing that they have to live up to those labels. Many critics praised Ms. Zellweger on her unconventional pretty face. They pointed out how she was an ordinary girl, but the ordinariness of Renee was extraordinary. What these writers were saying back then was that Renee had a young face, and at 45 years of age, her face is no longer as young, so to keep up with the label that she was once given, she may have decided that a lifting facial was something she should have done.

While many speculated that Renee had had facial surgery done, the Academy Award winning actress and activist has yet to admit that she did. In fact, she has been quoted as saying that her happiness may be responsible for her new look. She also stated that as people age, they look different; however, many plastic surgeons have said that this type of change in a person’s look is the result of cosmetic surgery, not aging. The plastic surgeons all feel that the surgery Renee had done was minor, but even the subtleness procedure does not go unnoticed, and Ms. Zellweger can agree with that after making her appearance on the red carpet in Beverly Hills a couple of weeks ago.

What is not surprising about the news surrounding Ms. Zellweger’s surgery is the discussion that is being sparked. Many people are against the surgical procedure; however, statistics show that millions of people have some type of cosmetic surgery done each year. This would suggest that people are not as against cosmetic surgery as one may believe. It could be that more people have an issue with the individuals who are caught having cosmetic surgery done. Those who support Ms. Zellweger’s choice state that society puts this pressure on women in Hollywood, and women in general. Renee supporters say that women have to look a certain way, and that aging is not applauded, but rather condemned.

Women in Hollywood are faced with the difficult task of maintaining the youthful appearance that they had a couple of decades ago. This leads to procedures that are simple, to those procedures that are highly noticeable. With the advancement of technology, and social media, the discussion on facial reconstruction and simple cosmetic surgery procedures are being debated in various countries. Renee Zellweger may have had her procedure done, and for whatever reason, she knew that it would be a discussion amongst her fans, peers, and countless individuals around the world. Maybe one day she will discuss if she had the procedure done, and what led her to that decision. Until then, people will continue to speculate.

Regardless if you are in support of Renee’s decision to have a facelift, or if you are against it, you are discussing it. Renee Zellweger’s surgery definitely sparked a debate that has been going on for decades: should people have surgery done to change the way that they look? What are your thoughts? Do you approve of Renee’s choice? Would you consider having a cosmetic procedure done?


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