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6 Celebrities that you'd never believe went under the knife!

2/23/2018 2:50:00 PMEmma Wilson0 Comments
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Working in Hollywood must be anything but a dream if you have 10 extra pounds on your hips or a chest that can only fill a training bra. As much as society wants to believe that these actresses are the epitome of beauty, lets not forget that we're all beautiful with or without these assets. To all the skeptics that believe breast implants can make a woman look trashy; think again my friends. Join me as I count down to some of the best breast augmentation jobs in Hollywood."

Halle Berry

Lets admit it, Halle has always been a life sized version of Barbie, as well as 1986's Miss World Hopeful even though these looks are faintly recognizable in comparison to her sleek and slender, polished look today. Though Halle is almost the big 5-0, it is obvious that this beauty doesn't age- at least not her breasts, or nose for that matter.

Kourtney Kardashian

As it is no surprise that this gem's curves come from an exotic line of family genes, Kourtney didn't always have such a bodacious chest. As a matter of fact, the reality star and mother of 2 was always pretty self-conscious of her rather smaller chest. Could it have been because of her sisters? Who knows! All we know is that her breasts look absolutely amazing. Kudos to her surgeon!

Gwen Stefani


Somehow, the iconic 43 year old singer and mother seems to have been morphing slowly right underneath our noses by defying the aging process! Although Gwen Stefani has always been known for her rock hard abs, an incredible gym ethic and undoubted will power, none of these things can explain those significantly larger boobs, and that perfect nose. I just can’t believe the differences that we have failed to recognize throughout the years! Nice try Stefani! There's NO DOUBT you could have had us fooled.

Nicole Richie

Alright, alright. Can someone please get me Nicole's number?! The famous adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, and reality TV star has had at least two plastic surgeries in the past two years, until apparently, she got it right. Let's be honest, Richie has never been the prettiest runt of the litter, but thanks to the help of an incredible nose job- not to mention breast augmentation- the star looks absolutely incredible.

Blake Lively

America's sweet little sister [Sisterhood of the traveling pants...anyone?] and gossip girl star has undergone a couple of procedures herself after entering the spot light. Was she more self-conscious about her breast size, or her nostrils? We're not sure which, and apparently neither was she, as she clearly underwent both procedures. Plastic surgery or not, she looks absolutely incredible. I’m sure Ryan Reynolds agrees.

Kelly Rowland

The soul child of the 90's, miss Kelly Rowland hasn't let herself down whether or not she's living in Queen B's shadows. Rowland had a rhinoplasty-just a fancy word for nose job- done along with an incredible breast augmentation. I would've never thought they weren't hers if you would've told me otherwise.

See?! Plastic Surgery doesn't always make you look fake or "plastic." None of these stars were born perfect, as we can clearly see. The images we idolize and fantasize over in magazines are the living works and creations of plastic surgeons all over the world.


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